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Pressure Power is focused entirely on affordable residential 'hardscape' pressure washing. It's ALL I DO! I'm Jim Boucher, the owner/operator of Pressure Power. I DO every job and I look forward to EVERY job and yours is no exception. With 13 years of experience, the right tools, two of everything, and a passion for pressure washing, Pressure Power gets it right the first time. 'Hardscape' surfaces would be areas like your driveway, entryway, path, deck, patio, pool area or sport court. Please NOTE: Pressure Power does NOT clean roofs, gutters, buildings, siding, awnings, windows, or structures.
Call any time (till 10 p.m.) to discuss your project, get an estimate, or to schedule your job. If you're not satisfied, I'll make it right. I stand by my work because I love what I do.
Thanks for your business and trust.
Jim Boucher, Owner

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Our Driveway Special also applies to the public sidewalk. These surfaces are accessible and predictable - a perfect match for offering you a super affordable deal. Boost your curb appeal by giving me a call.

Surface Cleaner - Tool of the Trade

Most people are familiar with a pressure washer 'lance' or 'wand' that couples with various nozzles. Each pass cleans maybe a 3" swath. I use a wand on EVERY job but the MOST important and effective tool I use is called a surface cleaner. Think 'lawnmower' but instead of a blade cutting grass there is a rotating nozzle under the housing moving FAST and POWERFULLY to clean a nearly 18" swath - super efficient, super effective, super safe.

Patio, Deck, Pool Area, or Sport Court

Protect your property with professional pressure washing by giving me a call today. Get rid of the dull appearance, the green tint, and put an end to slippery surfaces. Affordable residential pressure washing is ALL I DO.

$80 for 500 sq'!

Pressure Wash & Rinse

Pressure Power will pressure wash and rinse up to 500 square feet of your driveway for just $80! That's an 18' x 28' driveway. Two cars wide by at least 2 cars deep. Additional driveway or public sidewalk area is just 18 cents/sq'. A 1,000 sq' driveway would be just $170!

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