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I stand by my work because I love what I do.  


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Meet the Owner 

Hi. I'm Jim Boucher, owner-operator of Pressure Power. My passion for pressure washing began when I experienced

a slippery black algae covered patio transforming into a bright and beautiful venue fit for entertaining dignitaries.

The BRILLIANT SURFACE RENEWAL that pressure washing exposed was shocking.

The instant gratification was palpable! I know it's not my property but I was so satisfied!

So was my customer. It was a 'win-win'!

Every year my equipment got better, as did my skills. Now I'm 14 years in and my passion is still fresh.

No matter how big or small the project, I look forward to EVERY job.   I stand by my work because I love what I do.

I’m Passionate About 

Pressure Washing

I'm Jim Boucher, owner-operator of Pressure Power. With the right tools, two of everything, and a passion for pressure washing, I get it right the first time!

Meet Dylan Andrist

“Pressure Power is just me, Jim Boucher, keeping my kids in college.”

This was my purpose statement for over ten years. Now my kids HAVE finished college,... well, almost.

Since early 2020 I've been teaching, training, and mentoring Dylan Andrist to continue Pressure Power after I retire.

Dylan has the right stuff to grow Pressure Power far beyond my scope.

He has the youth (He’s 40. I still call that youth!) and the drive to expand services.   


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